Candy's Cake Pops Customer Guarantee.

We greatly value all of our customers and appreciate their business. We guarantee to offer only the finest and freshest ingredients in each and every Cake Pop we make. All Cake Pops are made by hand with love and care and we stand by our uncompromising assurance to be number one in taste, quality and customer service. We appreciate all feedback, both positive and negative, so we can achieve our goal of producing the best and most delicious Cake Pops around. If you are unsatisfied with your order in any way, we will do our best to make things right for situations within our control.

Candy's Cake Pops Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Cake Pop?
  • What kind of ordering options do you offer and are they customizable?
  • Do you do large/bulk orders for events and parties?
  • Do you do corporate gifts?
  • Where are you located and do you have a store?
  • How far in advance do I need to place an order?
  • What is your Shipping Policy?
  • What is your Return Policy?
  • What is the best method to store them?
  • Do you have reduced fat options or gluten free?

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