About Us

Candice Christopher

When she was little, baking in the kitchen with her mom inspired Candice to grow up and become an avid baker herself. As years passed Candice, completed college with a degree in Apparel and Textile Design and was searching for a career she could be passionate about. A few jobs later, something was lacking. After bringing in a few homemade treats and goodies to work, people were hooked. Candice then realized that she could turn her dream of baking everyday into a reality. Friends and family became her official taste testers and helped guide her along the way. Utilizing the skills from her childhood, Candice bakes treats that not only taste amazing but look just as good. Only using the freshest ingredients, Candice mends high fashion with good taste! 


What is a Cake Pop?

Take a bit of tender, moist cake, roll it in a delicious frosting, sprinkle with some magic, place it on a stick and you have a Cake Pop a treat that is all the rage from coast to coast. With tons of combinations of cake and frosting flavors, you're sure to find just the tempting taste sensation you desire. Why not find out with an order today? Sweet, tasty, fresh goodness is what America has gone crazy for and so will you. And with the option to customize your Cake Pops, you've got the perfect opportunity to impress at a celebration or give a unique gift. From flavors like Key Lime to Red Velvet and seasonal rotating options we got you covered.

How to care for your cake pops:

Our cake pops are baked from scratch with no added preservatives and will remain fresh in room temperature for up to a week. For a longer shelf life you may store your cake pops in the fridge for up to a month or in the freezer for up to 4 months. We believe they taste best at room temperature so if you store them cold  let them come back down to room temperature before serving. Enjoy!