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Cake Pops For Sale

A dream of mine... Our very own Cake Pops getting their own Professional Photoshoot. Dressed up, pretty, and looking good... These Cake Pops are ready for the spotlight. ✪

Below are the year round flavors we have available - also make sure to check out our seasonal section for any special limited edition rotating flavors we are offering.

Cake Pops Near Me

The Available Flavors:

⦿ Chocolate Cake Pops (Decadently Dark)

⦿ Vanilla Cake Pops (Need I say more?)

⦿ Red Velvet Cake Pops (A Cult Classic)

⦿ Cookies Cream Cake Pops (Made with Oreos... yumm)

⦿ Chocolate Chip Cake Pops (Vanilla Cake + Chocolate Chips -Yin/Yang) 

⦿ S'mores Cake Pops (No campfire necessary) 

⦿ Confetti Cake Pops (Bring on the party!)  

⦿ Key Lime Cake Pops (A South Florida Favorite)

⦿ Strawberry Cake Pops (Fun n' Fruity)

⦿ Lemon Pound Cake (The right amount of Zest)

⦿ Salted Caramel (Sweet N Salty!)

⦿ Cinnamon Roll (A Warm Cinnamini Hug)

⦿ Nutella (The Classic Combo - Choco+Hazelnut)

⦿ Gluten Free Vegan Vanilla (Yes, we've got something for you!)

⦿ Seasonal Rotating Favorites! - Like Pumpkin Spice for Fall & Candy Cane For Winter! (Always something to look forward to)


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