Individually Wrapped Cake Pop Favors

Did you know that all of our cake pops come individually wrapped?

Often times we take pictures for the website and social media with the cake pops unwrapped so you can see them better without the glare from the clear cellophane bags. All of our items come individually wrapped for safety and freshness. 

Individually Wrapped Cake Pops

You can serve them wrapped and they work great as party favors/take home gifts. You can also unwrap them upon delivery and serve them so their beauty can really shine!

By individually wrapping each cake pop, you can ensure that they stay fresh and hygienic. The wrapping acts as a protective barrier, preventing the cake pops from scratching each other while in transit. This is especially important for events where food safety is a concern. Plus, the individual packaging helps to maintain the moisture and flavor of the cake pop, ensuring a delightful taste with every bite.

Upon delivery (or pick up) your cake pops remain fresh in room temperature for 1 week and may be placed in the fridge for up to a month. Enjoy!

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