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❄️Winter Snowman You Choose Flavor Assortment Cake Pop Gift Box (non-custom)☃️

❄️Winter Snowman You Choose Flavor Assortment Cake Pop Gift Box (non-custom)☃️

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A Snowy Remix to our Classic Favorite You Pick Flavors Gift Box : This item is non-customizable and the cake pops will vary in look based on the cake pop flavors you choose. It's your world... choose it how you like it.  ☃️🎁 

All items are individually wrapped.

Available Flavors:

    • Chocolate • Vanilla  Red Velvet  Cookies 'N Cream  Chocolate Chip  S'mores  Confetti • Key Lime • Salted Caramel  Lemon Pound Cake  Nutella  Cinnamon Roll • Strawberry  Shortcake           
    • ☃️🎁December 1st-December 31: Candy Cane   Gingerbread   Egg Nog                
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer your customers' common questions

When will my product ship?

Please choose from the calendar when you would like to receive your order by. There is usually a 2 business day processing time before your order can ship. We will ship your order so you receive your cake pops by the day you choose. You may recive a day or two early to account for any delays transit. Please write in any delivery information we should be made aware of in the notes. If you have more questions regarding shipping please email at

Can I order a month or more ahead of time?

You can order ahead of time a for a future delivery. You may choose a future date in the calendar and we will make and ship your cake pops fresh to order. :0)

How long is the processing time?

Each box is made to order. Please note there is a 48 hour processing time (2 days) before your order is shipped. Longer processing times may occur if we are fully booked. Please check with the calendar to see what dates are avilable.

How can I order custom color cake pops?

Easy! We have a custom color cake pop section to choose from the top bar. You can also email us at with your requests (quantity, flavors, logo) and date of delivery and we'll respond within 24 hours.

What flavors do you currently have available?

Chocolate • Vanilla • Red Velvet • Cookies 'N Cream • Confetti • Chocolate Chip • •S'mores • Strawberry Shortcake • Salted Caramel • Lemon Pound Cake • Cinnamon Roll • Key Lime •

If the weather if warm in my area what shipping option should I choose?

If the weather in the location of the delivery is above 78 degrees we suggest choosing 2 day air or quicker delivery. Chocolate will melt above 78 degrees which can cause the cake pops to crush or melt. Ice packs and insulation will not protect a shipment for more than a 2 day transit. Please make note on your order if you destination is warm and choose the appropriate shipping option. For very hot temperatures we suggest overnight.

Do you offer custom shaped cake pops or characters?

We do not offer custom shaped cake pops or licensed charters such as Disney, Sesame Street, Marvel, etc. We can make cake pops to match color themes. You may find all of our custom color options at the top bar.