Create Your Own Cake Pops

At Candy's Cake Pops, we've made a great cake pop application that allows a shopper to make their own cake pops.  Shoppers will be able to pick their stye of cake pop (right side up vs upside down), flavor, color and cake pop topping.  It's really fun and interactive so make sure to check it out HERE


Below are images that shows you the apps capability.


You start with a blank slate...
Then Choose your Flavor.  You can choose from Key Lime, Red Velvet, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Chip or Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Pop Flavors.  The photo below is a red velvet cake pop
After Choosing your flavor, it's now time to choose your Cake Pop Color.  Choose from pink, yellow, blue, purple, green, orange, brown, red turquoise and black.  Plenty of options for cake pop colors!
Finally, choose your topping.  We have an array of sprinkles, swirls and diamonds for you to choose from.  So hurry up and get started on your creating your own cake pops.  It's a fun and interactive way with out actually having to bake them!


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