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Thanksgiving Cake Pops

Halloween is almost upon us and just beyond Halloween is one of our favorite family holidays, Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving Cake Pops are a great addition to the holiday.  We make simple yet elegant fall themed cake pops that will present well for any Thanksgiving feast or we offer creative Thanksgiving Turkey Cake Pops.  These Thanksgiving Cake Pops come in a variety of flavors colors and variations.  We also offer the opportunity to have us make custom thanksgiving cake pops so make sure to reach out to us today if you have a special or custom cake pop order.  See below for some of our fall and Thanksgiving themed cake pops.



Thanksgiving Cake Pop Basket comes with chestnuts and fall leaves.  It's also colored in colorful fall leaf colors.


Aren't these Thanksgiving Cake Pops cute? Absolutely delicious too!  These Turkey Cake Pops will make your mouth water


We also came up with a cute cartoon to go along with the Turkey Cake Pop. See below


Another unique Thanksgiving Cake Pop gift is our Thanksgiving / Fall Themed Bark which is a new product we launched a few weeks ago...This is more halloween themed but we can also make a fall / Thanksgiving themed bark as well...



As always, if you don't see a Thanksgiving Cake Pops option that you like, feel free to reach out to us for a custom order.  We love making specialized cake pops for people so reach out to us today!

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