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Christmas Cake Pop Gifts

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Okay, it's that time of year. Black Friday has come and gone.  Cyber Monday has tempted us with great deals online and now it's time to get all your gifts in order for all your family members and for all your Holiday Parties if you missed your opportunity on those "Holiday Day Deals".  At Candy's Cake Pops, we've come up with a bunch of options of Christmas Cake Pops and Holiday Cake Pops that are perfect as Thank You Gifts, Holiday Gifts or Corporate and Customer gifts for the end of the New Year.

At Candy's Cake Pops, we also offer discounts on larger orders over 10 dozen so make sure to reach out to us if you are placing a larger order whether it be custom or a typical order online.  We've highlighted some of the Christmas Cake Pop orders you can purchase online but as mentioned, feel free to contact us via email to get a custom quote for a custom order.

Below is a photograph of Snowmen Cake Pops, which are a great way to add some fun for any special holiday event.  They are fun and delicious!

Christmas Tree Cake Pops are also a lot of fun and would be the hit of any party.  It's a great way to add a desert item that also acts as a accent for any party. 
A colorful but less expensive option is our Christmas Cake Pop Box that tastes delicious and comes in a variety of flavors
Penguin Cake Pops will really make someone's day! They are really cute and taste delicious! 


To see all of our Christmas Cake Pop Gift options, feel free to visit http://www.cakepops.com/collections/christmas-cake-pops which will have a full list of Christmas Cake Pop options.  As mentioned, we also do custom cake pop orders so feel free to contact us directly for more options.

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Monogrammed & Custom Logo Cake Pops

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Monogrammed Cake Pops are a great, less expensive option (when compared to themed cake pops) to make customized cake pops for a holiday, wedding, birthday or special event.  Monogrammed Cake Pops allows you to send a message without taking a ton of money to make them.  We've made these monogrammed Cake Pops for high class events such as weddings and corporate functions or for fun birthday parties.  What's great is you can add the monogram to a complicated cake pop design or even a more simple cake pop design and the cake pops still look great.  I've included a few examples of monogrammed cake pops below.


These are blue sparkly cake pops (diamond sprinkles) on plain white cake pops with the monogram of S & D which stood for two people getting married.  It's a really fun edible add on to any event whether it be a wedding, anniversary or special party.


When we first made these nautical themed cake pops with custom edible decals of an anchor we truly thought it would be a one time order but subsequently we put them on our website and etsy and it has become one of our biggest sellers over the past two years...hey, I guess people really like getting nautical!! LOL.  These nautical  cake pops do look stunning and are a fun add on for a special party or event.


These colorful cake pops with custom corporate logos really pop.  As you can see we added a corporate Twitter logo along with the the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas logo for a special function the hotel

There are a million different combinations you can use for monogrammed and logo cake pops and as always if you have a custom order for monogrammed cake pops, we'd love to price it out for you!


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Thanksgiving Cake Pops

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Halloween is almost upon us and just beyond Halloween is one of our favorite family holidays, Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving Cake Pops are a great addition to the holiday.  We make simple yet elegant fall themed cake pops that will present well for any Thanksgiving feast or we offer creative Thanksgiving Turkey Cake Pops.  These Thanksgiving Cake Pops come in a variety of flavors colors and variations.  We also offer the opportunity to have us make custom thanksgiving cake pops so make sure to reach out to us today if you have a special or custom cake pop order.  See below for some of our fall and Thanksgiving themed cake pops.



Thanksgiving Cake Pop Basket comes with chestnuts and fall leaves.  It's also colored in colorful fall leaf colors.


Aren't these Thanksgiving Cake Pops cute? Absolutely delicious too!  These Turkey Cake Pops will make your mouth water


We also came up with a cute cartoon to go along with the Turkey Cake Pop. See below


Another unique Thanksgiving Cake Pop gift is our Thanksgiving / Fall Themed Bark which is a new product we launched a few weeks ago...This is more halloween themed but we can also make a fall / Thanksgiving themed bark as well...



As always, if you don't see a Thanksgiving Cake Pops option that you like, feel free to reach out to us for a custom order.  We love making specialized cake pops for people so reach out to us today!

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Cake Pop Gifts

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At Candy's Cake Pops, we sell amazing Cake Pop Gifts.  We sell a variety of cake pop boxes and baskets that can be customized from flavor to color to design.  What's great about our Cake Pops is that they can be customized for whatever event, party or function you are having including birthdays, weddings and special events.  We wanted to highlight some of the holiday cake pop gifts that you can buy for certain holidays and occasions.


Top Ten Cake Pop Gifts


1) These amazing heart Cake Pops can come in a box or basket and are the perfect gift for holidays such as Valentine's Day or anniversaries.  The heart shapes offer a striking contrast between the black and white cake pops.  You can find these gifts and more at cakepops.com

Heart Cake Pop Gifts


2) Next on our list, cake pop cake gifts! Adding that cake style setting for elegant cake pops really sets the tone for any major event.  You can view our cake pop cake options at the following link here

Wedding Cake Pop Cake Gifts

3) At Candy's Cake Pops, we love offering unique gifts for any occasion and some of those involve sport themed cake pop gifts.  Perfect for the start of any season. You can view some of our options at the following link here

Tennis Cake Pop Gifts

4) We also sell cake pop gifts for any occasion, see below for some cute It's a Boy / Girl cake pop gifts. 

It's a Boy / It's a Girl Cake Pop Gifts

5) For the upcoming halloween holiday, we've added a fun twist to the classic cake pop by coating oreos in chocolate and placing them on a stack...Oreo Cake Pops! An inexpensive holiday treat.  Halloween Cake Pops!

Halloween Cake Pop gifts

6) Another fun cake pop gift are animal cake pops.  They give such a fun personality to gifts.  Look at this cutie below...Thanksgiving Cake Pops

Thanksgiving Cake Pop Gifts


7) For every holiday, we come up with custom cake pop gifts.  For Easter last year, we came up with egg shaped cake pops that were the perfect gift for Easter.  Shaped Cake Pops can really add to any special occasion.

Egg Shaped Cake Pop Gifts


8) Another great cake pop gift are cake pops with custom sticks.  It adds pop to any cake pop gift by giving the cake pops height.  They also really stand out in a room.  They'll be the first things people comment on

Custom Stick Cake Pops


9) Colorful cake pops can also be a great inexpensive gift.  By adding fun and colorful drizzle to cake pops, these little guys really stand out and make an impression.

Colorful Cake Pops

10) You can also make your own cake pops at cakepops.com. This will really make a great impression by saying you designed it! So start designing your cake pops today!

Create Your Own Cake Pops

And just for fun, we've added an 11th Cake Pop Gift

11) You can also request custom cake pops to made i.e the below photo of beer cake pops.  What a great gift for a party or any other special occasion like St patty's Day!

Beer and Irish Cake Pops


The best part of Cake Pops are there is no limit to creativity.  What you can imagine, you can make. And at Candy's Cake Pops, we strive to make your imaginations come to life on a cake pop.  We promise you'll love any cake pop gift you order from us. 

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