Busy in the Bakery

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It's that time of year and boy are we busy in the bakery with the Holiday right around the corner! I wanted to share with you some of the custom cake pop gifts we've been putting together for some of our customers along with some other new products that are absolutely delicious including Ginger Snaps, Chocolate Bark and fun party themed Cake Pops.  As always, we are happy to do a custom order for cake pops or any other bakery item you can think of.  Call or email us today for a custom quote.  


Check out these fun and colorful cake pops with colorful cake pop sticks.  I am a big fan of the big and colorful cake pop sticks because it really adds a theme to any celebratory event and the cake pops become a great accent to the party.  At Candy's Cake Pops, we have a lot of cake pop stick options so reach out to for additional details.  The cake pops below were for a birthday party. What fun!


We've added a few new products this holiday season with Peppermint Bark being one of our most popular items.  It's a fun item for any holiday event that tastes absolutely delicious.  It's a unique gift as well.  Check out our website to learn more about our chocolate holiday bark!


My favorite new product is our Snow Capped Ginger Snaps.  As much as we love Cake Pops at Candy's, we also love making new items that our customers can order and these Snow Capped Ginger Snaps are absolutely delicious!  


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Cake Pop Gifts

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At Candy's Cake Pops, we sell amazing Cake Pop Gifts.  We sell a variety of cake pop boxes and baskets that can be customized from flavor to color to design.  What's great about our Cake Pops is that they can be customized for whatever event, party or function you are having including birthdays, weddings and special events.  We wanted to highlight some of the holiday cake pop gifts that you can buy for certain holidays and occasions.


Top Ten Cake Pop Gifts


1) These amazing heart Cake Pops can come in a box or basket and are the perfect gift for holidays such as Valentine's Day or anniversaries.  The heart shapes offer a striking contrast between the black and white cake pops.  You can find these gifts and more at cakepops.com

Heart Cake Pop Gifts


2) Next on our list, cake pop cake gifts! Adding that cake style setting for elegant cake pops really sets the tone for any major event.  You can view our cake pop cake options at the following link here

Wedding Cake Pop Cake Gifts

3) At Candy's Cake Pops, we love offering unique gifts for any occasion and some of those involve sport themed cake pop gifts.  Perfect for the start of any season. You can view some of our options at the following link here

Tennis Cake Pop Gifts

4) We also sell cake pop gifts for any occasion, see below for some cute It's a Boy / Girl cake pop gifts. 

It's a Boy / It's a Girl Cake Pop Gifts

5) For the upcoming halloween holiday, we've added a fun twist to the classic cake pop by coating oreos in chocolate and placing them on a stack...Oreo Cake Pops! An inexpensive holiday treat.  Halloween Cake Pops!

Halloween Cake Pop gifts

6) Another fun cake pop gift are animal cake pops.  They give such a fun personality to gifts.  Look at this cutie below...Thanksgiving Cake Pops

Thanksgiving Cake Pop Gifts


7) For every holiday, we come up with custom cake pop gifts.  For Easter last year, we came up with egg shaped cake pops that were the perfect gift for Easter.  Shaped Cake Pops can really add to any special occasion.

Egg Shaped Cake Pop Gifts


8) Another great cake pop gift are cake pops with custom sticks.  It adds pop to any cake pop gift by giving the cake pops height.  They also really stand out in a room.  They'll be the first things people comment on

Custom Stick Cake Pops


9) Colorful cake pops can also be a great inexpensive gift.  By adding fun and colorful drizzle to cake pops, these little guys really stand out and make an impression.

Colorful Cake Pops

10) You can also make your own cake pops at cakepops.com. This will really make a great impression by saying you designed it! So start designing your cake pops today!

Create Your Own Cake Pops

And just for fun, we've added an 11th Cake Pop Gift

11) You can also request custom cake pops to made i.e the below photo of beer cake pops.  What a great gift for a party or any other special occasion like St patty's Day!

Beer and Irish Cake Pops


The best part of Cake Pops are there is no limit to creativity.  What you can imagine, you can make. And at Candy's Cake Pops, we strive to make your imaginations come to life on a cake pop.  We promise you'll love any cake pop gift you order from us. 

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