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Thank you for popping by! We are on an 2 day wait list. This means you must count 2 days from the date you have placed an order before an item can be shipped out or picked up then add your shipping day transit choice. If you place an order during the summer you must select two day air or less - ground shipping will melt in the warmer temperatures causing you cake pops to deform and crush. Shipping costs have gone up because of high gas prices - we do not profit form shipping. Orders may be placed for future dates to ensure you have been placed in our schedule. Thank you for all the cake pop love!🍭

Monogrammed & Custom Logo Cake Pops

Posted on October 16, 2014 by Candice Christopher | 0 Comments

Monogrammed Cake Pops are a great, less expensive option (when compared to themed cake pops) to make customized cake pops for a holiday, wedding, birthday or special event.  Monogrammed Cake Pops allows you to send a message without taking a ton of money to make them.  We've made these monogrammed Cake Pops for high class events such as weddings and corporate functions or for fun birthday parties.  What's great is you can add the monogram to a complicated cake pop design or even a more simple cake pop design and the cake pops still look great.  I've included a few examples of monogrammed cake pops below.


These are blue sparkly cake pops (diamond sprinkles) on plain white cake pops with the monogram of S & D which stood for two people getting married.  It's a really fun edible add on to any event whether it be a wedding, anniversary or special party.


When we first made these nautical themed cake pops with custom edible decals of an anchor we truly thought it would be a one time order but subsequently we put them on our website and etsy and it has become one of our biggest sellers over the past two years...hey, I guess people really like getting nautical!! LOL.  These nautical  cake pops do look stunning and are a fun add on for a special party or event.


These colorful cake pops with custom corporate logos really pop.  As you can see we added a corporate Twitter logo along with the the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas logo for a special function the hotel

There are a million different combinations you can use for monogrammed and logo cake pops and as always if you have a custom order for monogrammed cake pops, we'd love to price it out for you!


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Bride and Groom Cake Pops for Weddings

Posted on September 30, 2014 by Candice Christopher | 0 Comments

At Candy's Cake Pop, we've baked for a lot of weddings over the years! And one of our most ordered Wedding Cake Pops are Bride and Groom themed Cake Pops.  They look amazing! Particularly because we can design the cake pops to look as though the groom is wearing a tuxedo and the bride is wearing a beautiful dress made with any color.  We wanted to share with you some of our Bride and Groom cake pop creations below in the following photographs...

We've also shared some of our wedding photography taken over the years in previous blog posts.  One in particular was a great wedding affair in South beach where the bride and groom ordered our wedding cake pops displayed on a cake.  It was just a beautiful setting.  See some of the photos below...
One of the other ways to make Cake Pops at functions such as weddings really pop as a center piece is the Cake Pop stick.  We've had many customers order custom sticks for their cake pops, which really adds to the theme.  Cake Pop can even act as center pieces at Weddings and other important events.  See below for a great example of a custom cake pop stick that really adds to the overall appeal of the cake pop design.
Every wedding is different and some are more casual than others...or perhaps the intent of ordering cake pops for the wedding is more for wedding favors as opposed to center pieces or wedding cakes.  In certain cases,  we've had bride and grooms order all types of wedding cake pops that aren't necessarily wedding themed.  Below are some wonderful looking cake pops that don't necessarily "scream" wedding but they do look beautiful and they'll taste delicious!
So even if you aren't looking for Wedding themed Cake Pops for your wedding, we offer a wide array of colorful, attractive and unique designs that will enhance whatever wedding them you are creating! We'd love to customize your wedding cake pops so don't hesitate to reach out to us....and if you are interested in reading about one of our wedding customers thoughts on our cake pops, please follow this link!

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Wedding Cake Pops

Posted on September 18, 2014 by Candice Christopher | 0 Comments

A while back we shared a fun story about a couple who got married in South Beach at the Royal James Hotel and elected to order Wedding Cake Pops.  I've included a few tidbits from the article we posted as a refresher....

Here are some thoughts from the Bride and Groom about their experience with Wedding Cake Pops...
"When choosing our wedding cake, we wanted something unique and different.  Candice delivered a beautiful display of an array of Wedding Cake Pops designed to our specifications.  We chose Red Velvet, Gluten Free Chocolate and Vanilla flavors. What made the Wedding Cake Pops such a great addition was the playfulness that the portability provided.  Rather than sitting and
eating dessert, it gave our guests the chance to taste and mingle.  Candy's Cake Pops went above and beyond our high expectations."



As you can tell from the Wedding Cake Pop photos above, the wedding was quite a hit! And the Cake Pops certainly helped with the celebration.    When we met with the Bride and Groom to figure out their design requests, we always want to bake a product that the couple is envisioning.  For their modern style wedding, we went with a classic yet slightly modern Wedding Cake Pop display that matched their wedding theme as well as the modern look and feel of the hotel. These custom wedding cake pops added a special vibe to their wedding.  At Candy's Cake Pops, we pride ourselves on being malleable in order to meet our customers desires.

We also have many available choices online for wedding themed cake pop gifts and baskets including; Bride and Groom Cake Pops, Bachelorette Cake Pops and other custom related wedding cake pops.  Below are some examples.  Don't hesitate to reach out to us for a custom wedding cake pop quote...


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Unique Cake Pop Gifts

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One of the unique custom Cake Pop Gifts we offer is modifying the cake pop sticks to add some color and sophistication.  As you can tell based on the photo below,  the blinged out cake pop stick, gives the bride and groom wedding cake pops a really different and high end look.  You can order these custom cake pops through our website via the custom order page. We have a variety of sticks to use for any celebration or event including weddings.

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Great Cake Pop Gifts Under $20 Dollars

Posted on September 09, 2014 by Daniel Gollinger | 0 Comments

You've spoken and we've listened!  Candy's Cake Pops has now added a section on the website devoted to Cake Pop Gifts priced under $20 dollars.  It includes a wide selection of Cake Pops including Animal Cake Pops, Custom Colored Cake Pops, Sport Cake Pops and themed cake pops such as pumpkins, ghosts, candy cane and bunny rabbits! As always, if you have a custom order you'd like to have priced out, don't hesitate to reach out to us. These gifts are great for any celebration and event including weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

If you'd like to view our $20 dollar and under cake pop options, visit the link below. http://www.cakepops.com/collections/under-20-dollars-cake-pops


Here are sample photos of the $20 dollars and under gifts...






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